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2008-07-18 20:03:16 by Striker360

Not Around Anymore


2008-03-12 19:40:26 by Striker360

Evil Aura'd Lords. It Is Time.

Time To Be Evil.

Blam everything. The voice of evil shall be heard...

Both my animators backed out :( damn, I could have sworn we were gonna get the daily 1st and I dont even have any trophies yet. Oh welly, I guess the portal isn't ready for us. We wants it, it will be ours, our own, our preciousssssss.

Me and The-Scourge are working towards putting out a serious fantasy film that should be coming out soon. I'm excited to work with someone with the skills that The-Scourge has in flash animation. We met up in the forums while I was looking for an animator for my storyline. I checked into his tutorial on special effects and was more then impressed by his work.

Our film will be based on a D&D 3.5 campaign that I've been working on for quite some time now. I'm more then excited that this project is underway. Keep checking back, I'll have screenies for you soon.